Friday, April 29, 2011

Stephen Soos - Crowd sourcing for your small business

In the present times, for the small business owners crowdsourcing has become an absolute essential. This is something that would be typically carried out by a contractor or employ to a large group of people through an open call.

For an example, a small business may ask their customers base to develop a new idea of its upcoming product, complete its design task, refine and test a new product. Crowdsourcing allows small and large business to leverage 2.0 technologies for helping them in achieving their business goals and mass collaboration.

Experts like Stephen Soos opine, the technology of crowdsourcing represents beneficial opportunities for the small business owners, especially ones that have passionate client base. Here, the real key is finding the right way to solicit the suggestions and ideas of your clients directly and effectively evaluate them afterwards.

Stephen Soos also says that there are several ways to be adopted to make use of the social media for crowdsourcing your business. You can begin with engaging clients in an open two way discussion on your blog or website.