Monday, June 27, 2011

Stephen Soos – Crowd Sourcing as a Means to Revitalize your Business

Yours may be a start up venture or an existing business which needs new ideas to move up to the level. In any case, crowd sourcing can come handy for you to redefine your business strategies and achieve rewarding feedback's from it in near future. Stephen Soos believes that it is one of the most effective ways of business development in modern context. In short, it is a method of outsourcing tasks to a community or unspecified group of people through an open call. 

On contrary to what most of us believe, there are several people in the world who do not mind spending their valuable time and energy in sharing their knowledge with some unknown but like-minded person. It gives them pleasure and satisfaction and the best part is that they do not expect any recognition or monetary rewards for this. This is how the most useful online encyclopedia namely ‘Wikipedia’ was created. So, Stephen Soos thinks that you can use this model for getting pioneering concepts and exceptional services from highly intelligent amateurs in any field.

You can get services which are no less efficient than what you used to purchase from professional service providers at high rates. So, why not give it a try? However, you should have proper knowledge on how things work here to make the most of this crowd sourcing model. Stephen Soos predicts that this is going to the future of any business model. Majority of business managers will stress on crowd sourcing and utilize its strengths to get fresh ideas and impeccable services from the crowd.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Stephen Soos - Crowd sourcing for your small business

In the present times, for the small business owners crowdsourcing has become an absolute essential. This is something that would be typically carried out by a contractor or employ to a large group of people through an open call.

For an example, a small business may ask their customers base to develop a new idea of its upcoming product, complete its design task, refine and test a new product. Crowdsourcing allows small and large business to leverage 2.0 technologies for helping them in achieving their business goals and mass collaboration.

Experts like Stephen Soos opine, the technology of crowdsourcing represents beneficial opportunities for the small business owners, especially ones that have passionate client base. Here, the real key is finding the right way to solicit the suggestions and ideas of your clients directly and effectively evaluate them afterwards.

Stephen Soos also says that there are several ways to be adopted to make use of the social media for crowdsourcing your business. You can begin with engaging clients in an open two way discussion on your blog or website.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ecommerce development and the Modern Times

The remarkably competing internet commerce industry initiated a policy of to find out a strong progression in the paradigm of deals prices and shopping cart solution systems. Many e-commerce supervision software companies are efficiently bundling their own internet commerce software with local store web templates, searching carts, and finish promoting solutions which makes it possible for the motivated business owner to get started on an online retail firm.

While the internet itself always presented a revitalized, virtually limitless chance for creating wealth, there still been with us - as with most hobbies - various difficulties and a considerably elusive learning curve, Stephen Soos believes. Primarily the limitations for enthusiastic masters and shifting companies, was changing a preexisting local retail employment to the web: stores without stores, screens without cumbersome rack made up only of pixels, customers service divisions changed by telephone agents, and the never ending hoping to make significant brand recognition in a market which had no local limitations.

However, the benefit of the online world was the abundance of easily available information, and the game began to modify gently, and then swiftly, in a in times past unmatched connection of information in the form of everything internet, from html lessons to shopping cart application solutions, all for the taking for the people prepared to desirous to learn - and to pay. And, therefore the future and ecommerce were born, swift and undeniable. The vendors of small town life often witnessed capturing the measures of these shops every morning, tidying their depots for the days site traffic, paid more hours looking at their desktops, modifying the graphic on their banner ad campaigns, as being the first, obvious part of business online was regarded.

Though, Stephen Soos  thinks, trusted online retailers would however will need constantly dependable customer care divisions along with quality goods to maintain replicate purchasing and prevent dangerous problems from just leapt online review sites, proprietors primarily have was for a respectable internet location - a good web site - and 10000 web site design organizations answered on cue in an exceedingly Starbucks-sustaining din, set off from the sound of fingers-flying across Dell key boards and also the exuberance of newcomer instructional classes answering the particular seats of newly-created college web tuition.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

How Custom eCommerce Solution Can Boost an Online Business

Experts say that, whether you own a small or big business, with efficient custom e-Commerce solutions your business is definitely going to yield good returns. The solutions play very active role in attracting new customers, delivering then a satisfactory shopping experience and offering you some most efficient tools to manage things efficiently.

In the present technology oriented era, time has become the rarest commodity among us and naturally shopping has taken a back seat. But, interestingly technology has come to rescue the trend of shopping as well. Now, with the advancement of shopping, even you can shop sitting at home while maintaining your privacy. If you are a business owner then custom eCommerce solutions will help you catering to your needs. So, this is perfect for both business owners and customers.

In the present time, majority of the businesses have turned online, so also service providers and that’s the reason eCommerce has been clicking more than their expectations. Now you will find hundreds of agencies out there offering ecommerce solutions as a package. Now, before you avail one, let me tell you the areas custom eCommerce solutions can help us.
  • Supply Chain Management.  
  • Inventory & Product Catalog Management System
  • Order Entry & Fulfillment Systems
  • Real-time payment processing
  • Ecommerce Trading Exchanges 
  • Electronic Market-places and Online Shopping Malls
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
Stephen Soos believes eCommerce is booming with high potential in the present global market. This can be considered as a powerful package for easy ordering, security of data and payment, with quick and proficient delivery.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three Major Types of eCommerce

E-commerce basically is the use of Internet to transact business but when we focus on digitally enabled commercial transactions between and among organizations and individuals involving information systems under the control of the firm it takes the form of e-business. Nowadays, I have seen that internet is gaining momentum and most of the things if not everything is getting digitally enabled. Thus, it becomes very important to clearly draw the line between different types of commerce or business integrated with the 'e' factor.

Here, in this article Stephen Soos will be discussed about three major types of e-commerce models:

1. Business to Consumer (B2C) - This is one of the most common e-commerce segments of today. As the name suggests, this model involves businesses and consumers. In this model, online businesses sell to individual consumers. The basic concept behind this type is that the online retailers and marketers can sell their products to the online consumer by using crystal clear data which is made available via various online marketing tools. 

2. Business to Business (B2B) Stephen Soos considers this as the largest form of e-commerce involving business of billions of dollars. In this form, the buyers and sellers are both business entities and do not involve an individual consumer. 

3. Consumer to Consumer (C2C)  This system facilitates the online transaction of goods or services between two people. 

Though there is no visible intermediary involved but both the parties cannot carry out the transactions without the platform which is provided by the online market, such as eBay.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stephen Soos - Qualities of a Great Leader

Stephen Soos - History portraits stories of the superheroes who have made significant contributions to the nations they lead and the world they lived in. Many among them have influenced many people all around the globe who went on to become leaders themselves. Among them some leaders' names are synonymous with great achievements and others are simply forgotten as soon as they leave their role and a small number of names remain infamous for all the wrong reasons. What creates a great leader and sets him or her apart from the ones who just quietly disappear once they have departed from public view and scrutiny of their leadership?

You will always see that the great leaders always share some characteristics that enable them to have significant influence on those they lead. Though their leadership styles may have been completely different, here in this article we will discuss about 5 points that are common among all of them, irrespective of the industry that they have led.

1. Charismatic nature: Great leaders are the people who can truly inspire confidence and belief. Even if the ideology they are espousing is not in the best interest of their people, they are able to elicit support by their charisma.

2. Confident Personalities: It has been seen that world’s popular leaders have an innate self-confidence in their right to lead. Whether it has been given to them by popular vote or through some other means, they accept their leadership role, and they make it theirs.

3. Communicators: Great leaders are strong communicators. They are capable enough to convince people of the positive aspects of their policies and actions.

4. Conviction Creators: it has always been seen that good leaders have a strong sense of conviction in their causes and it drives them to succeed and to be decisive in their actions and policies.

5. Courageous Leadership qualities: All successful leaders possess a courageous spirit that enables them to make difficult decisions that others might shy away from.

If you want to get into the mode of strong leadership then these are some of the points that you have to consider.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Power communication strategies: Tool in Your Journey to Success

Mr. Smith has an important business meeting today. He has his meeting got fixed at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Mr. Smith has already got late. By the lunchtime, he has to be on the venue. He is rushing past the way….! Mr. Smith is not worried about the meeting at all. His matter of concern is the person, whom he is going to visit. Mr. Brown is a very analytical kind of person. He always values accuracy and is quality-oriented man. With this thinker type personality, Mr. Smith has to be very careful on showing him the quality of his products and services. Mr. Brown love to ask why questions on each front, so, Mr. Smith needs to take many explanations. Nevertheless, he is not a raw player in the field. He knows how to handle these types of personalities. Therefore, he uses the words like safe; prove, guaranteed, economical, reliable, accurate, and efficient while dealing with them. Thus, Mr. Smith is going to win the race.

Unlike Mr. Smith, most of us do not know the power communication strategies and hence get themselves in to a trap. Actually, power communication strategy is a science of dealing with others in order to win over them. According to a psychological study, each of us is born with a different temperament and needs a different approach of communication. There are four types of temperament. The first analytical type we have discussed above.

With the second expressive style, you need to touch their emotional state of being as these individuals are weak in emotional management. They are friendly, playful, extrovert, sociable, impulsive, and enthusiastic. As they are talker by birth, don’t try to steal their privilege to talk. These love to put up who question. Keep this in mind while dealing.

Then here comes the people with passive temperament. You would love dealing with this personality, as they are patient, polite, uninvolved, friendly, and sympathetic. The only problem is they lack in self-esteem, so you need to guide them while communicating.

At last, in the journey of your sales and business to the successes, you might be facing the aggressive persons too. Be extra careful with them as they are result oriented and very much concerned on the value of achievement. A quick note on how you are going to communicate with the people, who are quick in decision-making, is you never threaten their need of control.

Equipped with your power communication strategy, now, you only need to distinguish these persons with their right temperament!!

Stephen Soos is a serial entrepreneur who has set up and run a number of successful businesses in a number of vertical markets. Stephen Soos has successfully held the positions of CEO at Globus Energy and Director at Bonhoeffe. Stephen soos’s current business, Crystal Medical, is set to become the biggest marketplace in the world for medical equipment. 

To view more details about Stephen Soos or to get in touch with him, visit

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