Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three Major Types of eCommerce

E-commerce basically is the use of Internet to transact business but when we focus on digitally enabled commercial transactions between and among organizations and individuals involving information systems under the control of the firm it takes the form of e-business. Nowadays, I have seen that internet is gaining momentum and most of the things if not everything is getting digitally enabled. Thus, it becomes very important to clearly draw the line between different types of commerce or business integrated with the 'e' factor.

Here, in this article Stephen Soos will be discussed about three major types of e-commerce models:

1. Business to Consumer (B2C) - This is one of the most common e-commerce segments of today. As the name suggests, this model involves businesses and consumers. In this model, online businesses sell to individual consumers. The basic concept behind this type is that the online retailers and marketers can sell their products to the online consumer by using crystal clear data which is made available via various online marketing tools. 

2. Business to Business (B2B) Stephen Soos considers this as the largest form of e-commerce involving business of billions of dollars. In this form, the buyers and sellers are both business entities and do not involve an individual consumer. 

3. Consumer to Consumer (C2C)  This system facilitates the online transaction of goods or services between two people. 

Though there is no visible intermediary involved but both the parties cannot carry out the transactions without the platform which is provided by the online market, such as eBay.


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