Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stephen Soos - Qualities of a Great Leader

Stephen Soos - History portraits stories of the superheroes who have made significant contributions to the nations they lead and the world they lived in. Many among them have influenced many people all around the globe who went on to become leaders themselves. Among them some leaders' names are synonymous with great achievements and others are simply forgotten as soon as they leave their role and a small number of names remain infamous for all the wrong reasons. What creates a great leader and sets him or her apart from the ones who just quietly disappear once they have departed from public view and scrutiny of their leadership?

You will always see that the great leaders always share some characteristics that enable them to have significant influence on those they lead. Though their leadership styles may have been completely different, here in this article we will discuss about 5 points that are common among all of them, irrespective of the industry that they have led.

1. Charismatic nature: Great leaders are the people who can truly inspire confidence and belief. Even if the ideology they are espousing is not in the best interest of their people, they are able to elicit support by their charisma.

2. Confident Personalities: It has been seen that world’s popular leaders have an innate self-confidence in their right to lead. Whether it has been given to them by popular vote or through some other means, they accept their leadership role, and they make it theirs.

3. Communicators: Great leaders are strong communicators. They are capable enough to convince people of the positive aspects of their policies and actions.

4. Conviction Creators: it has always been seen that good leaders have a strong sense of conviction in their causes and it drives them to succeed and to be decisive in their actions and policies.

5. Courageous Leadership qualities: All successful leaders possess a courageous spirit that enables them to make difficult decisions that others might shy away from.

If you want to get into the mode of strong leadership then these are some of the points that you have to consider.


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