Friday, February 18, 2011

Power communication strategies: Tool in Your Journey to Success

Mr. Smith has an important business meeting today. He has his meeting got fixed at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Mr. Smith has already got late. By the lunchtime, he has to be on the venue. He is rushing past the way….! Mr. Smith is not worried about the meeting at all. His matter of concern is the person, whom he is going to visit. Mr. Brown is a very analytical kind of person. He always values accuracy and is quality-oriented man. With this thinker type personality, Mr. Smith has to be very careful on showing him the quality of his products and services. Mr. Brown love to ask why questions on each front, so, Mr. Smith needs to take many explanations. Nevertheless, he is not a raw player in the field. He knows how to handle these types of personalities. Therefore, he uses the words like safe; prove, guaranteed, economical, reliable, accurate, and efficient while dealing with them. Thus, Mr. Smith is going to win the race.

Unlike Mr. Smith, most of us do not know the power communication strategies and hence get themselves in to a trap. Actually, power communication strategy is a science of dealing with others in order to win over them. According to a psychological study, each of us is born with a different temperament and needs a different approach of communication. There are four types of temperament. The first analytical type we have discussed above.

With the second expressive style, you need to touch their emotional state of being as these individuals are weak in emotional management. They are friendly, playful, extrovert, sociable, impulsive, and enthusiastic. As they are talker by birth, don’t try to steal their privilege to talk. These love to put up who question. Keep this in mind while dealing.

Then here comes the people with passive temperament. You would love dealing with this personality, as they are patient, polite, uninvolved, friendly, and sympathetic. The only problem is they lack in self-esteem, so you need to guide them while communicating.

At last, in the journey of your sales and business to the successes, you might be facing the aggressive persons too. Be extra careful with them as they are result oriented and very much concerned on the value of achievement. A quick note on how you are going to communicate with the people, who are quick in decision-making, is you never threaten their need of control.

Equipped with your power communication strategy, now, you only need to distinguish these persons with their right temperament!!

Stephen Soos is a serial entrepreneur who has set up and run a number of successful businesses in a number of vertical markets. Stephen Soos has successfully held the positions of CEO at Globus Energy and Director at Bonhoeffe. Stephen soos’s current business, Crystal Medical, is set to become the biggest marketplace in the world for medical equipment. 

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